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bored... survey... have fun

Hey, guys! my first time posting in here. Original DS foreva! I got this little survey in the mail. Read it if you like. Just a little warning of some mature language, though.. Sorry if it bothers anyone.

<< A little survey thingy fill it out and send it back and around
1. Full Name: Christina Mae Calungsod
<< 2. Nicknames: Stina, Shorty,

<< 3. Screen Names: TnyKandyKiddie69, StinaCell <-- my cell phone sn..

<< 4. Were you named after anybody? mom said she named me after Christ. I wish i was an angel, though, like the girl in "Bless the Child" (that movie made me cry!)

5. What grade are you in? 10th..and it still sucks

6. What is your GPA: i dunno... passing?
<< 7. Sex: sweet lady
8. Birthday: April 11, 1987, remember that

9.. Zodiac Sign: Aries.. and hard-headed ram. dont dare fuck with me!!

10. Location:, Belleville

11. Height: 4'9", ok? got a problem? dont make me come up therrre!

<< 12. Hair Color : Black/Brown roots, the rest is sorta plum-ish (kim.. i need to re-dye)
13. Eye Color: brown
14. Any Siblings? Schm0e-18, Jason-12
15. pets? nah.. just bitches
16. Any piercings? ears... maybe belly button soon, and tongue when i'm 18
17. Tattoos? Ted gave me one with sharpies. i taped it up in the shower, but then the tape took the ink off when i peeled it. damn. but i'll be gettin a pretty strawberry later
18. Scars? a couple, but mostly bruises
19. What is your shoe size? 5... my dance shoes range from 2-4

<< 20. hobbies: dance, music, boys, computer
21. Crush: ::blush::
22. Boyfriend/girlfriend: boyfriend... thats such a nice word.

23. If you could go out with anybody that is FAMOUS, who would it be? Freddie Prinze Jr, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, EMINEM!!

24. Who was your very 1st crush? JOEY D!! hehe
25. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? overall face, then body (i need to scan the WHOLE thing)
26. What would you consider as the "perfect date"? anything that allows us to be together without any interruptions
27. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the most, how romantic are you? 8/9/10... i can be a (hopeless) romantic, but then the teeny bopper movie scenarios can sometimes piss me off
28. What is your biggest turn on/off? turn on- flirting back when i flirt with them turn off- anything that resembles kenny

29. What was the last CD that you bought? i dunt remeber... i burn them

30).wHATt was the last movie you saw in the theaters? i dont remember that either.. my dad got stolen cable

31. What is your ideal guy/girl? sexy, sensitive, brave (you gotta have balls to do shit for me in order to do shit with me), caring, good with people and kids, funny, smart, decisive (because I'm very indecisive)... and all that other good stuff


32. Ideal occupation? Broadway, baby! or some sort of psychologist. it's fun to analyze things

33. Dream car? the beemer! or something that's really pretty and goes really fast

34. What do you think about marriage? the day i can have sex! YEA!

35. Any kids?? ehh... i guess
36. Possible Names: girl-Maria or Marisol boy- Joseph, and if there's a 2nd, Segundo (like grandpa)

37. Describe your personality: obsessive, cute, sweet, caring, horny, thoughtful, appreciative, moody, hard working-- yet, sometimes lazy, procrastinator

38. Would you consider yourself hot, sexy, OK, ugly or eeewww? the whole world knows that I'm one sexy mama! haha.. right. I think i'm ok. not perfect, but not THAT bad

41. What memory would you like to forget? i dont know, i forgot
42. What did you do today? got mad at my fortune cookie! consumed a whole box of altoids. watched "Bless the Child." that movie made me cry. I want to be an angel.

43. Who was the last person you talked to? um.. i'm talkin to alfy right now

46. What was the last thing that you said? i'll do it later

47. What was the last song you listened to? Power 105.1 old skool joint of the day (i duno the name of the song)

48. What are you doing tommorrow? school, staying for flute ensemble (thanks for the reminder, Jenn), hopefully going to see Rob throughout the day (Damn, i'm a loser)


<< 49. food: rice is VERY important.... unless im in the mood for italian
50. fast food place: i used to love fast food... but now it dont seem cool anymore
51. movie: Queen of the Damned, Bless the Child, Monsters Inc.

52. number: 69
<< 53. cookie: oreos are the shiznet
54. word or phrase: "it's all good," "guys suck!"
56. what happened to number 55?: i dont know, what happened to #55?
57. candy: chocolate, lollipops, candy necklaces, gum, or the flavored lip glosses
58. restaurant: i honestly dont know..

60. music: i'm pretty open minded to everything, except for country, sometimes heavy metal, and bubblegum pop is getting irritating

64. sport to play: dancing... more of an art, but its enough sport (or phyiscal work) for me

65. relative: Schm0e is pretty cool.. he trusts me with his shit, so i guess i can trust him not to rat me out on things.. and Christian's gangsta!

68. color of socks: i like my "I <3 Boys" socks.. but i wear them so much, and dance in them too that they're starting to wear out. I also like my "Flirt 10," strawberry, and the prettiful rainbow socks

69. perfume/col!ogne: i dont really wear perfume.. but i like when a guy wears Nautica, like Gonzalo
71. flower: roses... dead or alive
72. time of year: pretty spring days
73. TV show: The Cosby Show
74. actress: Stina... coming to a theater near you! haha... I think Julia stiles is pretty cool. she's always that non-conformist bitch white girl in movies.. pretty cool
75. actor: Eminem
76. Color: all the colors of the pretty rainbow
77. store to shop at: Victoria's Secret, Against All Odds, Capezios
78. Who is your best friend? who isnt? nah.. i have my brothas n sistas who I love very much, and i hope they love me... they kno who they are

79. funniest: joey mac
80. silliest: joey mac, phong, alfy, and longo
81. loudest: longo can get loud.. but i dont think anyone could beat Kristin
82. craziest: we're all crazy!
83. skinniest: EJ.. sheesh!
84. biggest flirt: "stina..hehe love ya girl" lol.. thnx Jenn. umm... i dunno who's a bigger flirt than me...
85. best at keeping secrets: Joey Mac, Phong, Ray, Liz.. and all my LJ friends
86. one you have, but wish you didn't: now that's a mean thing to say... Kenny
87. smartest: Ted
88. most innocent looking: Nadia
89. sweetest: Nadia...and i still think so
90. hottest: ::sigh:: Rob........ and Kent's pretty hott, too
91. weirdest: sorry phong, but I agree with Jenn on this one

92. most hyper: EJ and Princess get pretty hyper

93. biggest perv: i think we all are, at one point or another
94. Helped you out the Most: i tell all my friends all my problems and they all help me out in all ways they can
95. athletic: Phong with his lactate intolerance (??).. the thing he explained to me the other day which makes him not get tired/cramps easily
96. closest(distance): Princess... right around the corner
97. farthest(distance): Kent.. down in the valley

98. known longest: Marifae and Marijoy
99 fav friend of opposite sex: Rob.. he's just a friend
100. snuck out of your house? yea
101. practiced golf in a lightening storm? ... Rob's on the golf team

102. had the drink Calypso Breeze? no

103. been in love? i dont think so... i probably thought I was, but i probably wasnt
104. been toilet papered? no
105. loved someone so much it made you cry? i liked someone so much that i cried
106. been on a plane? yea
107. went swimming in the ocean? yea
108. been to Europe? no.. do you wanna take me?
109. Mexico? nah
110. Australia? no
111. Have you ever been in a play? yea
113. Let a friend cry on your shoulder? yea.. every weekend at alfy's house
114. gone to church? Every Sunday, like a good girl
115. read the Bible? no

116. been snowboarding? no

117. been on a motorcycle? yea
118. been at a summer camp? nah.. just Band Camp
119 . had a job? yea
120. been to a pro baseball/football game? nah.. i dont follow sports
121. never slept during a night? its like that every night
122. sat in a restaurant without ordering? no.. i need to eat
123. eaten fish, sushi, caviar? no
124. seen someone die? no, and i dont want to, either... its sad enough seeing the fake stuff in movies
125. met a celebrity? yea

126. broken something valuable? probably
127. gone skinny dipping? why, do you wanna join me?
130. said "I love you" and meant it (not to family)? yea
131. been hurt by anybody you loved? yea
139. been stalked? not that I know of
140. stalked anybody? no comment

142. Are you dating anybody? I don't know what we call ourselves
144. Do you drink? i cant dehydrate myself... but shmirnoff is aight, for ONLY 5% ALCOHOL! and i like pina coladas n margaritas
147. Are you religious? Amen
149. What religion do you prefer? I already am Catholic. Thank God I am, because if not, I'd either be a slut or a psycho bitch that blows up schools
153. Any embarrassing moments? of course

157. How close are you to your parents? ehh... we fight a lot, but sometimes we get along. i know how they are, but i dont think they know much about me... they should figure it out, though, because I'm a combination of the two

158. Where would you like to visit? other than the P.I., Spain.. or somewhere nice in Europe
159. What is your fav place to visit? NYC and the Philippines
162. What pisses you off? a lotta shit... myself, assholes, people who try too hard to get people to like them, close minds, hateration, people who know they're good at something and get all snotty about it, people who get pissed over stupid things and hold grudges
163. What is your bad time of day? anytime... my mood is always changing
164. Anything different about you? what? other than that I am the hottest thing to walk this planet? (haha. i wish)
165. Ever smoked or done drugs? umm... alcohol?
166. Are you happy right now? not really


I think this section hehehehehe anyway...carrying on...

167. Clinton: mind yo business, people.. if he wants to pimp it, go ahead. we dont need to know about it
168. Love at 1st sight: ehh. not really
169. abortion: IT'S MURDER, I TELL YOU! the girl isnt doing anything to her own body.. she's killing an innocent child... and dont bring up the whole "what if she was raped" thing, cuz rape is a bad whole other issue
170. eating disorders: it's the media that's causing it... or just mean brothers!
71. rap: Tupac n Biggie RIP
172. boy bands: HAHA.. I miss Dream Street
173. suicide: that's not cool..
174. God: I love him!
175. drinking: i dont understand why people gotta make a big deal about it. if you're thirsty, you'll drink. if you're not in the mood for water, you'll opt for the next thing thats in the fridge. if beer isnt your fancy for the day, then you'll pass on it. drink whatever the fuck you want, kids!
176. dreams: ARE CONFUSING! but i figured it out! it was Rob's body! haha
177. Titanic: never saw it, never cared to see it, and will probably never see it
178. premarital sex: eehh.. i'm one of those losers who believes in the "No sex till marriage" thing... but unless there's seriously love behind the sex, i guess its aight
179. Manson: konietzko
180. Spice Girls: Tell me what you want, what you really really want.


181. Sarah: It's Sara! no H. :( I miss the nice Egyptian food
182. Jon: Penetti grew up.. but he's still Oh, so cute ::pinches cheeks:: Valentin is so cute... i remember he used to always make fun of me in 5th grade, but i think he likes me now.. so its all good
183. Jessica: Coppola lives across the street from me.. I miss playing in her swingset
184. Kelly: the popular girl that everyone liked on Saved by the Bell.. but I seriously thought Jessie was prettier

185. Matt: ASSHOLE!.. but not ballinger.. dont worry girls

<< 186. Erin: i dont think i know any
187. Katie: I miss Sajle from dance.. but Frazier is soooo annoying!
188. Jennifer: Jenny Henny! i love her so much!
89. Lance: Bass
190. Chris: TROUSDALE!! HAHA
192. Steven: how come there's no Rob?
193. Marc: Saavedra turned into a jackass jock and forgot all his other friends
194. Casey: there isnt a Kent, either..
195. Justin: Timberlake is pretty hott
196. Brittany: how dare that ho fuck around with Jimmy Smith Jr! i would never do that to Eminem!... and why would you want to?
197. Christine: I really dont like it when my teachers call me that
198. Lisa: what happened to her?
199. Ryan: you spelled it wrong.. its R-o-b.
200. Paul: Michelle's bro
201. Kevin: comfreak
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